Our business started out in the electrical field which remains one of our primary areas of expertise. With decades of experience in nuclear, fossil, and hydro plants, we know the importance of safety, attention to detail, and foreign material exclusion (FME) at all times. Our experience in working with sensitive equipment, energized circuits, and other potential hazards allowed us to write and follow detailed procedures so our clients know they are getting the same high quality service every time.


Dustless (Wet) Sand Blasting


OPEN AIR Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice (CO2) Cleaning


Dry ice blasting is an effective, efficient, and economical cleaning process that is also environmentally sustainable. Dry ice can be used in a wide variety of cleaning processes. It decontaminates surfaces, eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or other mechanical means which could cause gouges, scrapes or other damage. Due to the blast media sublimating without residue and it's non conductive properties, dry ice is often used in the manufacturing, semiconductor and aerospace industries.

Industrial Services


When projects require a more aggressive approach to material removal we use dustless sand blasting. Unlike traditional sand blasting this process can be done in small areas without the use of a containment building. The media is contained to the area around your project. We also have the ability to add a rust inhibitor to protect your metal surface until you are ready to paint.